Best robotic joint replecment surgeon in MP

Computer-Assisted Surgery

CI 2.5 navigation system for perfect HKA axis and help to deploy implant in proper alignment which insures better outcomes without outliers. Only one in Central India.

Navigation system helps surgeon to perform surgeries basis on 3D bone model therefore surgeon can avoid mal-positioning of implant intraoperatively.

Even for Knee replacement we need technology that gives us accurate, consistent & faster results . Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) works in all patients, deformities with great deal of customization that Assured Success in TKR .

CAS results are proven and time tested. System can be compared with a GPS for automobile navigation. The camera replaces the satellite. The surgical instruments replace the car. Patient Anatomy compares with roadmap.


Hip Replacement

Advantages of CAS

  • Increase in accuracy and precision of surgical interventions
  • Less invasive operations (no intra-medullary instruments in case of Knee)
  • Better planning and simulation
  •  Fewer Steps & Faster Procedures
  • Step by step verification of surgical procedures
  •  Reduction of radiation exposure for both patient and surgeon
  •  Reproducible and comparable results

CAS TKR V/s Conventional TKR