CI 2.5 navigation system for perfect HKA axis and help to deploy implant in proper alignment which insures better outcomes without outliers.Only one in Central India.

Navigation system helps surgeon to perform surgeries basis on 3D bone model therefore surgeon can avoid mal-positioning of implant intraoperatively.

Even for Knee replacement we need technology that gives us accurate, consistent & faster results . Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) works in all patients, deformities with great deal of customization that Assured Success in TKR .

CAS results are proven and time tested. System can be compared with a GPS for automobile navigation. The camera replaces the satellite. The surgical instruments replace the car. Patient Anatomy compares with roadmap.

Advantages of CAS

• Increase in accuracy and precision of surgical interventions
• Less invasive operations (no intra-medullary instruments in case of Knee)
• Better planning and simulation
• Fewer Steps & Faster Procedures
• Step by step verification of surgical procedures
• Reduction of radiation exposure for both patient and surgeon
• Reproducible and comparable results

CAS TKR V/s Conventional TKR

Knee replacement is the most successful surgical procedure of modern era. Knee replacement or Knee resurfacing is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged surface of knee joint by new surface called prosthesis which can be made of alloy-metal, high grade plastic and polymers. Use of advanced technology in knee replacement surgery has made this procedure more accurate and long lasting. The success of knee replacement surgery depends on correct alignment and balancing of new joints, if new joint is not replaced in correct alignment and balancing, the results may not be effective and accurate. Studies have shown well-aligned knee replacements may last longer and be more functional. This can be achieved by the use of computer navigation for knee replacement surgery.
During knee replacement surgery, the end of femur (thigh bone) and the top of tibia (shin bone) are resurfaced. The end of femur and the top of tibia are cut to match the corresponding surfaces of new implant (prosthesis). Computer assisted surgery (CAS) enables surgeons to make these bone-cuts within a fraction of a degree, allowing for accurate alignment of the implant specific to the patients unique anatomy. CAS does not replace the surgeon’s skills but provides with the comprehensive understanding of the patient’s own knee anatomy and kinematics to help determined proper placement of new implant (prosthesis).

In this system computer morphs the 3D images of the mapped patient’s knee anatomy and gives the surgeon real-time feed back during the surgery, thus computer can take the “guess work” out of surgery. Computer assisted knee replacement is very safe. With CAS technology surgeons are able to make accurate adjustments to ensure the optimal implant fit, which reduces joint wear and extends the life of the implant. Other benefits of CAS are:-

• reduces the size of incision

• less blood loss during surgery

• prevent damages to muscles and ligaments

• shorten time to recovery

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