Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

Benefits of Robotic knee Replacement

When you get a robotic knee replacement, the diseased knee tissue is removed, and the new joint is inserted in its place. The main distinction is that this is accomplished using a robotic arm or other portable robotic gear (depending on the robotic system used for your surgery).

Improved precision, reduced recuperation time, and enhanced outcomes are all possible thanks to robotically assisted surgery. A robotic-assisted knee replacement can help restore harmony to the surrounding tissues and improve the knee’s alignment in more complex cases.

Here sharing some benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

The ability to arrange surgeries more precisely before they are performed 

Robotic knee replacement surgery, makes use of three-dimensional imagery. That way, your surgeon can tailor the procedure to your specific anatomy, increasing the likelihood that the implant will be placed at the ideal depth and orientation.

Exceptional Accuracy 

By focusing solely on the damaged part of the joint, your orthopedic surgeon can perform a robotic-assisted knee replacement. The robotic arm ensures the surgeon stays within predetermined boundaries during the operation. This means healthy bone and tissue surrounding the injured area of the knee are not lost. In addition, more precise knee implant placement means less rubbing and wear on the new joint and fewer issues that necessitate additional revision surgery.


Improved cosmetic surgery outcomes 

Having robotic surgery won’t make you feel like a “bionic man” or “bionic lady.” However, patients report a more natural range of motion and gait after undergoing a joint replacement procedure using this method due to its precision in aligning and placing implants. Your orthopaedic physician can plan the treatment with the help of the system’s robotic arm and cutting-edge 3D software, then make any required revisions based on real-time video imaging for a more precise alignment than is achievable with a traditional partial knee replacement.

Revival Time Reduced 

Robot-assisted knee surgery is preferable to conventional knee replacement due to its smaller incisions and less invasive nature. Patients recover from surgery with less discomfort and in less time, allowing them to resume their regular routines sooner. Most people who get a robotic-assisted knee replacement can go home within two days.


Extended lifespan


Robotic knee replacement reduces implant loosening and failure, leading to a longer lifespan. In addition, patients often report increased ligament and muscle support after receiving an implant because of the implant’s natural feel. Longer service life for the implant is a direct effect of better results.


Additionally, studies have shown that patients who undergo robotic-assisted knee replacements had a higher rate of satisfaction with the procedure overall. This technique reduces the likelihood that the implant will loosen too quickly or cause problems with other joint parts.

Benefits of Robotic Knee Replacement

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